WATCH: A Romantic Wedding Proposal of Sgt. Esmael Alisbo Jr.

There is a video circulating on social media about a romantic wedding proposal in the Philippine Airforce Base. The wedding proposal was done by Sgt. Esmael Alisbo Jr., to his girlfriend, Rica Fetros. She was blinded with what will happen in the field. She went to the Philippine Airforce Base to bid his boyfriend goodbye. Sgt. Alisbo […]

Basey CIvic Parade 2017

426th Basey, Samar Fiesta Celebration

Basey is a 1st class municipality in the province of Samar, Philippines. The place has its own world-class tourist spots such as Sohoton Caves and having the world’s longest “banig”. Every September, the town has various activities to commemorate with the upcoming town fiesta. One of the activities held every year is the Civic Parade. […]


Baybay City’s Lintaon Peak and Cave

Sunsets are always a favorite sight, especially when you witness it from Lintaon Peak! This newest tourist attraction in the province of Southern Leyte hails from the City of Baybay.  Overlooking the breathtaking Camotes Islands and the seas, Lintaon Peak now features over 16,000 red and white LED roses which add up to the loveliness […]

toxic cover

Tips to Avoid Toxic People In Your Life

Tips to Avoid Toxic People In Your Life Some people can be stressful sometimes. Avoiding them can be hard if you don’t know how to do it properly. They are everywhere; you may encounter some of them in school, work, and even in your family. Here are some ways you can do to avoid them […]


7 Tips to Make Yourself Sleep on Time

Sleep has a vital role in having a good health throughout your life. Having enough sleep at the right time can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. Today, achieving enough sleep can be difficult. If you cannot sleep at a reasonable time, there are several things you can do that will […]


VIRAL: Gorgeous Asian girl works as construction worker

A video posted by Youlike on Facebook of a gorgeous Asian girl has gone viral. The video was about a girl who works in a construction site. This Asian girl proved that construction works aren’t just for men. She mixes cement using a shovel, lifts a high stack of bricks, carries bags of cement, scrapes […]

LS san juanicw

San Juanico Bridge and its History

This 2.16 kilometer-long bridge connects the islands of Leyte and Samar. Formerly called the Marcos Bridge in honor of the late Pres.sident Ferdinand Marcos, the San Juanico Bridge is the longest bridge in the Philippines. It is also said to be a gift of the late president to his wife who was a resident of […]


Batang 90’s Toys

Kids and even some adults nowadays are too consumed in playing gadgets like cellular phones. This is the main reason why we no longer know how to play, or worse,  we cannot remember what were the traditional toys and games we played way back our childhood days. The traditional Filipino toys help nurture our creativity, inventiveness, and […]