5 Cognitive Biases that Messes Up your Desicions


In every day of our lives, we are making so many rational decisions. From what time you should wake in the morning down to what ever you will eat throughout the day, also on what path you will take to achieve your goals. In making all of those decisions, there are always cognitive stumbling blocks […]

Thesis Defense Tips
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How to Extract a Disc Image File
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The History of Limasawa Island


History of Limasawa Limasawa is a 6th class Island municipality in Southern Leyte. It is considered as the smallest municipality in the said province. The island is also known as Sarangani Island. The place is known for the first mass in the Philippines officiated on Easter Sunday of March 31, 1521, by Father Pedro de […]

Capul Island: A Serene Place to Visit in Northern Samar
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BIRINGAN: The Lost City in Samar
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How to Change the Language on your Computer


Having a hard time understanding the language of your computer? Worry no more! Here are some easy steps on how to change the language on your computer. Follow the steps below. First Step Right click on the windows ‘START’ button and choose ‘Control Panel’. Step Two After choosing Control Panel, a form will pop up. […]

Adobe Illustrator 5 Basic Tools for Newbies
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Using Image Trace Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC
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