How to Change the Language on your Computer

Having a hard time understanding the language of your computer? Worry no more! Here are some easy steps on how to change the language on your computer. Follow the steps below. First Step Right click on the windows ‘START’ button and choose ‘Control Panel’. Step Two After choosing Control Panel, a form will pop up. […]


Adobe Illustrator 5 Basic Tools for Newbies

Adobe Illustrator 5 Basic Tools for Newbies Learning a new software can be so hard if you don’t know which tool you must use for a certain action. New software applications nowadays have lots of tools for different functionalities. However, it doesn’t matter how many tools the software have; as long as you know how […]


Using Image Trace Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC

Image Trace Tool Adobe Illustrator is often used to convert pixelized artworks, like in Adobe Photoshop, into a clean vector line art. There are two ways to trace an image in Illustrator CC. First is you can just manually trace the image using a drawing tool, and the second one is you can use the […]

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How to View A Source Code

To view the source code in your browser, you have to follow the steps below. Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and the Internet Explorer have the same process in viewing the source code. First Step Open your chosen web browser. The process in viewing source code on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Firefox is the […]


Change Eye Color in an Image Using Photoshop

We will learn how to change eye color of an image using Photoshop in this tutorial. Actually, this is not just for the eye color, you can also use this for changing a color in an image. You can experiment what color you have to use and we will use the Hue/saturation adjustment layer to […]


Selecting using Magnetic Lasso Tool in Photoshop

Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool to Select There are several selection tools that you can use in Photoshop. The Magnetic Lasso Tool creates selections, automatically clinging to edges of contrast objects in the image. In this tutorial, we learn how to select specific object in the image using the magnetic lasso tool and refine edge.


Pencil Sketch Using Photoshop

Do you ever get challenged by your friends to sketch something? After a few attempts, you realized that you’re not an artist by heart. And now you’re probably thinking of ways on how to cheat drawing (believe me I did). Well, I’m glad you found yourself here! In this tutorial, we will create a pencil […]


Removing Person in a Photo Using Adobe Photoshop

Removing a Person in a Photo Using Adobe Photoshop Have you ever wanted to get the perfect profile picture on Facebook but you seem unsatisfied with your picture because of the photo-bombers behind you? I know it’s annoying but it cannot be undone. At the same time, what you can do is, remove a person […]


10 Things IT Teachers Can’t Work Without

10 things IT teacher’s can’t work without Teachers are the rocks on which professionals are built. They help provide society with professionals it needs. For them to impart their knowledge, they need the right tools and equipment to function properly. Here are 10 things they need.


Virtual Reality Box Experience

Virtual Reality Box is now available in the market. Out of curiosity, I decided to order one from an online store in the Philippines. With this new innovation, you can now experience activities that you might not do in reality. If you’re looking to buy one or simply curious of what it’s like to have one. Then this article […]