Find Out: Ideal School Supplies Checklist For College Students

Summer has just recently ended, and another school year for students from state colleges and universities is about to start in August.

And for students, the excitement of gathering items that will be needed for dorm room or college apartment may lead to forgetting that school supplies are needed too. Yes, the fun and new adventures of college will be thrilling, challenging, but there’s still a lot of work to do! For students, be sure to include your back-to-school kits in your priorities, or be sorry in the end. School-supplies shopping isn’t that time consuming anyway, you can just swing through one supply store then pick up some essentials.

In this blog, you will find some of the things that you should bring to school, whether you use a backpack or a tote bag. So come on and read up.

1. Student Planner. This is probably the number one to-bring by students since written down on this planner are class schedules, reports or important submission dates of assignments and projects, and important group-work meetings. From day one, the planner will become your new best friend when it comes to staying on top of your studies.

student planner

2. Pens. For a smoother, bolder and faster note-taking experience, go with pens. Science also says that using various colors to write down notes will improve your memory. From personal experience, it’s actually very helpful like highlighters.


3. Highlighters. Admit it, you can’t survive college without one of these! Who hasn’t used one, anyway? Highlighters are life savers, memory enhancers (for some). They serve to remind us which topics or notes are of paramount importance. Admit it again, when you see some words highlighted on your notes or books, you immediately read it ‘coz you know it’s where you can find the answer. Highlighter is the KEY, as they say.


4. Post-it Note flags. These can be useful also for some who likes taking down notes but not on their books or reviewers. Post-its are pretty amazing too, but can be distracting if you paste many of this on your books.

post it

5. Ruler/scissors. The importance of these tools depends on the course you’ve taken, actually. From a personal experience as a Bachelor of Arts in Communication student, I rarely used these two, except when there are projects or assignments from the teacher. However, having these small things on your bag won’t cost you wide space, and these can be handy as well on ordinary days.

ruler scissors

6. Small stapler and tape dispenser. Just like the ruler and scissors, having these essentials on hand can make your student life more convenient. Many students would take these things for granted, and when these two are badly needed, that’s the time students would go from room to room just to borrow these.

staplertape dispenser

7. Notebook/binder. Who doesn’t love binders? Everyone does. It’s also a life saver for some who don’t like bringing bags to school. For some, just one binder paired with a pen is enough to get by in school. Amazing, right?


8. Flashdrive/Memory sticks. In this digital age where reports are in Powerpoint and laptops are a must-have, memory sticks are useful in storing files from the laptop or desktop computer. They vary in memory, but the ones with bigger memories are ideal since your teachers will be bombarding you with paper works and assignments.


9. Blue Book. These small, blue-colored booklets are used for essay-type exams and are available for purchase at your university or college. You should keep one on hand at all times since test dates can sneak up on you.


There you have it! If you haven’t started shopping for your school supplies yet, better jot down and include these essentials on your list!


Credits to the owners of the photos.