How to Extract a Disc Image File

Did you download a software that is inside a Disc Image file and you don’t know how to open it? We have here a step-by-step process on how you can extract a Disc Image file. Step 1: Open the folder containing the Disc Image File. Step 2: Upon opening the folder of the software, you […]


Capul Island: A Serene Place to Visit in Northern Samar

Capul Island is a fifth-class municipality in the province of Samar, Philippines. The Capul Island itself serves as a guidepost for the Acapulco-Manila galleon trade vessels passing through the dangerous waters of San Bernardito Strait for having a lighthouse. Capul came from the word Acapulco which is an old trading post in Mexico. It is […]

How to Deal with Difficult People at Work

There are different kinds of people in the world; there are some who are good while others are the exact opposite–the difficult people to handle. Difficult people really exist and you can find them anywhere. At work, you can not avoid meeting people who are difficult to deal with. But the level of difficulty of […]

Canigao Cover

Let’s Explore Canigao Island of Matalom, Leyte!

Canigao Island is situated near the municipality of Matalom, Leyte. It is known for its abundant fishing grounds and scenic coral reef areas suitable for diving. The island has a white powdery sand with different marine lives and extensive coral reef in the surrounding waters. The western and northern part of Canigao Island is under […]

Jordan Clarkson

“It feels good to be a Filipino” – Jordan Clarkson

In spite of losing the NBA opening season to their opposing team Los Angeles Clippers, Jordan Clarkson, a Fil-Am, still sees a better thing for LA Lakers. He still believes that the team is still the best team in the Southern California area. Clarkson appeared as a special guest during the 26th Festival of Philippine […]


WATCH: A Romantic Wedding Proposal of Sgt. Esmael Alisbo Jr.

There is a video circulating on social media about a romantic wedding proposal in the Philippine Airforce Base. The wedding proposal was done by Sgt. Esmael Alisbo Jr., to his girlfriend, Rica Fetros. She was blinded with what will happen in the field. She went to the Philippine Airforce Base to bid his boyfriend goodbye. Sgt. Alisbo […]