Moron: The Native Suman of Eastern Visayas

native suman moron

Moron: EV’s native suman!

Welcome to the first part of EV Learners’ 8 Native Foods of Eastern Visayas.

In this article, we will discover the native ambrosia, moron–a unique delicacy like suman. This glutinous rice cake delivers a combination of sweet and salty taste that any person who tries it would love. Let’s find more about the legendary moron!



Moron is a glutinous rice cake originating from the provinces of Leyte and Eastern Samar. It has an added flavour of cocoa powder or tablea, making it more special than the regular suman. Rare ingredients include vanilla, peanuts, cheese, and even mango. It is then wrapped with banana or anahaw leaves and served with a hot cup of coffee or sikwate/tsokolate. This delicacy is best served anytime of the day!


moron3Places to Buy

Since Moron hails from Region VIII, its capital, Tacloban City packs up these rice bundles around the marketplace and terminals. The stores beside the Alpha Bakeshop in Tacloban City are where people regularly go when they want to buy pasalubong for their friends or colleagues in Manila or outside the region. Also, it can be bought in nearby towns and other provinces in the region either individually or in a pack. Moron has huge amounts of variants, depending on which place it is made. So you can enjoy different flavors as well as venture out to many places by just the taste of this one-of-a-kind delicacy.


Talking about variants, you may be able to buy and taste moron from the three major islands of Biliran, Leyte and Samar. But I guess you wouldn’t mind if we just let ourselves forget those mouthful words and focus on the real deal. Watch in delight! Yum!

moron5 Moron Native Suman of EV moron6 moron7 moron8 moron9


Hey, are you a Bisaya or a Filipino? Are you proud of our native delicacy? Share this article to your peers and friends from other provinces, even around the world. Let them have a taste of the native suman of Region 8, moron.

Watch out for our next taste tour article!

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