How to Extract a Disc Image File


Have you ever downloaded a software that is inside a Disc Image file and you don’t know how to open it? We have here a step-by-step process on how you can extract a Disc Image file.

Step 1:

Open the folder containing the Disc Image File.


Step 2:

Upon opening the folder of the software, you will see that you cannot just open the file. If you try to open it, an error message will pop up. (See sample image below.)


Step 3:

To open the Disc Image File, you have to extract it first. You have to choose the file that you want to extract and then right click on the file. Using WinRar, extract the file in a folder to organize it. Kindly refer to the image below.


Step 4:

Wait until the extracting process is done.


After extracting the file, you can now see the folder containing all the files that were in the Disc Image File. You can now enjoy your new software installer or any files that are inside a Disc Image File!