Bistro 27/21: Where Food is Really Good


Looking for a resto that offers delectable but affordable Filipino food?  We might just have the right place for you! Bistro 27/21 is what you’re looking for! (Remember, you heard it first from us!)

Bistro 27/21 is a nice, cozy restaurant located at Stall 23, Tacloban City Convention Center, and opens from 4:00PM till 12:00 midnight. They offer classic Filipino favorites like crispy pata, fish tinola, pochero, baked scallops, sinigang – name it, they also have it! They also have pasta, sandwiches, and milkshakes which we highly recommend.

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Where Taste Meets the Myth

We went to this place to actually confirm a myth (haha). Since we’ve been hearing some good reviews from people who’ve tasted their food and had experienced the place firsthand, we decided we’ll check it out as well! At first glance, you might think the place is not good ‘coz when the team went there, there were no people eating inside. But the look of it outside enticed us and made us brainstorm for a while. Reluctant at first, we then ordered our food, but some of the prices caught our attention since they were way cheaper than those of other restaurants. A big check for people like us who love hunting places that offer not-so-pricey-but-delicious-food.

Another asset of the resto are the accommodating crew and the cassa nova music that sounded very lovely to our ears. Since it was just us during that time, we had a nice chit-chat about petty things while waiting for the food to be served. We also took pictures since the interior design (although it was minimalist) was instagrammable!

Food Tasting

Then came the food. Taaaaadaaaa! Everyone was tantalized and excited to taste the mouthwatering dishes and to take pictures of them (but of course, for Instagram and Facebook)! The first bite left a flavorsome aftertaste – that kind of taste that you wanna come back for. The soup was also pleasant and agreeable. And the milkshakes, oh we loved the milkshakes! Not so sweet, not so bland – just the right taste. In all, we’ve had a nice experience. And we’re definitely coming back to try their other dishes.

At last, it has been confirmed! At Bistro 27/21, the food is really good!

You might wanna check their Facebook page, that’s for reservations and inquiries.