Capul Island: A Serene Place to Visit in Northern Samar


Capul Island is a fifth-class municipality in the province of Samar, Philippines. The Capul Island itself serves as a guidepost for the Acapulco-Manila galleon trade vessels passing through the dangerous waters of San Bernardito Strait for having a lighthouse.

Capul came from the word Acapulco which is an old trading post in Mexico. It is the only town in the province of Northern Samar with a different language used which is Inabaknon instead of Waray-Waray.

Places to visit in Capul: 

Capul Lighthouse

Capul Lighthouse

The lighthouse in Capul is located on a hill near the Capul fort overlooking the town harbor. The lighthouse was built in the late 1800s by the Spaniards. This lighthouse gave Capul a very important role in the maritime navigation of their time. Until now, the lighthouse still serves its purpose.

Timon-timon Rock

timon-timon rock

The Timon-timon rock formation is located at the southern point of the island. It is a rudder-shaped rock formation. The current in the place is raging.

Capul Church and Fortress

Capul church and fortress

The ancient church in the town of Capul has endured the passage of time. However, it still remains as a place of worship on the island. The Ignatius de Loyola Church was a place of refuge for natives from Moro raiders. The church was declared as a historical site and was declared a “good example of a fortress church during the Spanish era.”

How To Get There

You have to travel to the town of Allen in Northern Samar. There are two ports in Allen that have boats bound for Capul. They are the Looc and Dapdap ports.

From the port of Looc, there is a boat that departs at 12 noon daily, while from Dapdap, the boat leaves in the afternoon every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and weekend. The travel time is 30-45 mins from both ports.