Things Selectively Social People Can Relate To


Selectively social people can be a pain in the b*tt sometimes. They can be quiet at times, but in reality there are so many things that are going on their mind. They just prefer listening to people’s conversations rather than sharing their thoughts to a big circle. They can turn down your invitation very quickly, yet change their mind the next instant. But this I know: selectively social people are not anti-social. If you are one of them, here are some of the things you might relate with:

1. You are always on the look-out for anyone you might bump into. When you reach your doorstep, you start praying that people will not come across you or bump into you, coz if that happens, you might freak out.

2. You find it really hard to start a conversation. Getting the ball rolling is one of the hardest parts of chance encounters either with friends or acquaintances, since a short “hi” is what you can usually come up with. Funny part I, when you finally figured out a nice question or topic, it’s time for your friend to go.

3. You just want a small circle of friends. But even in that circle you also have your favorites and non-favorites. Don’t worry, it’s normal for someone like you. Hehe

4. You easily get tired when you’re with people you’re not close with. Since you don’t have the energy to spend time with them, you end up the earliest bird to go home.

5. You’re an open book, but not with everyone. You are very picky. With some you’ve already told all your secrets – even the deepest of all secrets. But with others you rarely share anything you’ve been through unless they really ask you. You are also not fond of small talks with acquaintances. You find it awkward.

6. You don’t reply quickly. You still think thoroughly. An hour or two, or never, is habit you started to like. Yu only reply to important texts or answer urgent calls.

7. Most days you want to be left alone. It’s normal for all to crave for a little space or time away from people, away from the world. But you, you almost always wanna be alone. Because you love it. You want the resonating silence in your bedroom, the idea that no one bothers you while you daydream, the look of the paintings in the walls that gives you a different view of things. That’s why why you love being left alone; and it doesn’t bother you that you’re in that state.

8. You turn down invitations too quickly. When a friend asks you to join your barkada on a quick vacation outside town, you quickly turn them down by coming up with super lame excuses. And though there are times you don’t turn them down easily, your next question is, “Who are going?” It’s the turning point or the major factor in your decision of going or not.

9. To some people you are rude and arrogant. For those people who don’t know you that much, you are and will remain as the grumpy, rude, arrogant, and anti-social person they wish they haven’t known. That’s the saddest part of being selectively social, because only a few can understand the real you – your insecurities, your fears, your inhibitions. You actually want to get to know people better but your personality stops you from it. And that’s the reason why you only have a very very few friends.

But even though you are selectively social, remember that there’s nothing wrong with it. You were born unique. You were meannt to stand out and sparkle. Just stay as you are – a nut that’s hard to crack, yet interesting and fun when already out of the shell.