7 Vexatious Filipino Attitudes We Should Dump


Ningas Kugon is one of the Filipinos’ negative cultural trait which means just exerting extra effort at the start, but quickly losing eagerness in the long run.

This is one of the reasons why some of the things we started is left half-baked or unfinished.

Crab Mentality

Crab mentality is associated with Crabs inside a bucket or container that can easily escape from the bucket one at a time. But instead of letting go of one another, they pull each other down whenever one crab rises to the top.

Some people’s behavior is somewhat analogous to crabs who pull down people who rise or are about to reach success that is higher than that of their own achievement.

Mañana Habit

Filipinos learned the Mañana habit from the Spaniards. Mañana means “tomorrow” or “a specified future time.” It is somewhat related to procrastination or an action of delaying something or in Filipino “mamaya na.”

Balat Sibuyas

Balat Sibuyas is a well-known attitude of the Filipinos. It is correlated to the skin of an Onion which is thin and it can be easily teared. We Filipinos are used to the thinking that it is normal to criticize someone or something, but we can’t handle the same criticism coming from others.

Colonial Mentality

This colonial mentality is the most common but unrecognized negative attitude of us Filipinos. It is an internalized attitude of preferring foreign things, traits, etc., over our own. It is a negative trait that we acquired from the past under the Spanish and American colonizers.

It is said that we Filipinos have been persuaded with the misconception that our culture is menial to that of our past colonizers.

Bahala Na Attitude

This attitude is somewhat translated to “come what may.” This is commonly used whenever we are in a rough situation, which we are leaving everything to the hands of fate.

We can’t say that this attitude is bad because it sometimes has a positive side, and that includes the belief in Divine Providence. The negative side to it  is that we tend to be helpless in some times of our life, especially during trying moments.

Filipino Time

Filipino time is somewhat related to Mañana Habit. This attitude refers to the famous Filipino brand of time wherein it is known to be minutes or worst is hours behind the standard time.

To make the long story short, we are always late! It is a really bad habit that we Filipinos must dump.