Baybay City’s Lintaon Peak and Cave

Sunsets are always a favorite sight, especially when you witness it from Lintaon Peak! This newest tourist attraction in the province of Southern Leyte hails from the City of Baybay.  Overlooking the breathtaking Camotes Islands and the seas, Lintaon Peak now features over 16,000 red and white LED roses which add up to the loveliness […]

LS san juanicw

San Juanico Bridge and its History

This 2.16 kilometer-long bridge connects the islands of Leyte and Samar. Formerly called the Marcos Bridge in honor of the late Pres.sident Ferdinand Marcos, the San Juanico Bridge is the longest bridge in the Philippines. It is also said to be a gift of the late president to his wife who was a resident of […]

7 Places to Eat When in Tacloban City

Traveling to Tacloban City but having trouble where to eat? Here are 7 restaurants in the city we feel you should try out! Note that we haven’t eaten in all of the restaurants in the city as of posting this article. We simply selected the top 7 places where we felt were worth recommending to travelers. Ocho […]

The History of Tacloban City

Tacloban City was only a small fishing village and one of the barrios of Basey, Samar. It is formerly known as Kankabatok, named after the first settler Kabatok. Kankabatok means “Kabatok’s property.” The place was formerly under the political administration of Palo, but under the parochial jurisdiction of Basey, Samar. During this time, Kankabatok was […]


Kalanggaman Island Adventure

Basic Information Kalanggaman Island is situated in Palompon, Leyte. It is one of the virgin islands in Leyte that has pure white sand. The ecological atmosphere of the island had been preserved by the municipality. The island has a total area of 5.4 hectares, and it is still uninhabited. There are no hotels or resorts […]


7 Reasons to Travel

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” Although traveling can be expensive, you can still be rich in terms of experiences and knowledge you acquire during your travel. Traveling helps you figure out things that can make you a better person. You can learn new languages and dialects from the places […]


Maripipi Island, Biliran: The Undiscovered Paradise

Brief History Maripipi is located off the northern coast of Biliran. Maripipi and Biliran are separated by a narrow channel. Southwest of Maripipi is the Visayan Sea, to the north lies the Samar Sea. It has a coastal circumference of twenty-four kilometers. The island has the least population in all the municipality of  Biliran. Maripipi is also equidistant to Leyte, Samar […]


How to Choose a Travel Destination

If you want to travel, what’s the best way to choose a travel destination? Choosing a travel destination when you want something new in your life can be problematic. Anyhow, you have the chance to narrow down your choices to the places that can give you every reason to travel. You have to consider some factors that can […]


How to Create a Travel Budget

Traveling is one of the best ways to unwind and create new memories. But, traveling can be costly and you might have to save money ahead of time for your plans to come to fruition. Take into considerations your necessities and for your leisure. In this article, you will get an idea on how to create […]

redoña residence

The Story Behind Redoña Residence

The Story Behind Redoña Residence There are many historical buildings built years ago in the City of Tacloban, one of those is the Redoña Residence. Here is a brief history of the Redoña Residence or the Osmeña House.