Baybay City’s Lintaon Peak and Cave


Sunsets are always a favorite sight, especially when you witness it from Lintaon Peak!

This newest tourist attraction in the province of Southern Leyte hails from the City of Baybay.  Overlooking the breathtaking Camotes Islands and the seas, Lintaon Peak now features over 16,000 red and white LED roses which add up to the loveliness of the place. This was formally opened to the public on June 14 of this year. The red roses form “I Love Baybay” which is what the city is promoting to tourists, that they discover Baybay and all its attractions. Many tourists are visiting the place especially at night, and the volume of people only decreases at around midnight.


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The vast, lush green highland is a perfect camping place for lovers of the great outdoors and for adventure seekers. (If you plan to go on camping, you might want to bring jackets as the place gets colder during dawn. Bonfires are not allowed.) My friends and I thought the hill had a summit, but arriving there, we realized it didn’t have one. But when you take time to explore the area, your eyes will be delighted to see picturesque hills, meadows, and valleys. The fresh air, the stars at night, and the sounds of animals are just amazing!


Another must-experience in Lintaon is their cave. We left the peak at around 8AM and walked for 10 minutes to the barangay chairman’s house. From there we were escorted by the tour guide to the cave where we hiked for more or less an hour. It was a challenging one. We had to jump, swim, crawl, and climb on rocks to get to the outside world again. But the experience was great, and you might even want to try it again once you’re outside.


How To Get There

Since we came from Tacloban, we rode a van bound for Baybay City. This cost us P150.00. When at the city proper, we hired a tricycle to take us to Brgy. Pomponan; each of us paid P15.00 for the trip. From there, we hired a habal-habal at P25.00/person, which took us to the peak. The same route and charges apply in heading back for Tacloban.

If I’m going to sum up the entire journey in one word, it will be wonderful! Everything in the Lintaon Peak and Cave was wonderful—from the sight of the sunset and sunrise to the expressions of the people in awe of the place, then down to the hospitality of the community people. Such an amazing experience.