7 Places to Eat When in Tacloban City

Traveling to Tacloban City but having trouble where to eat? Here are 7 restaurants in the city we feel you should try out! Note that we haven’t eaten in all of the restaurants in the city as of posting this article. We simply selected the top 7 places where we felt were worth recommending to travelers.


Ocho Seafood and Grill

For some people, Ocho Seafood and Grill has set the standard for good service and food in the city. By giving their customers the ability to choose what they want to be cooked, how its cooked, and how much to cook for a specific dish, diners always leave full, or satisfied. When you eat at Ocho, you will also notice how the service crew are stationed in specific areas, watching over diners, which gives you a sense of convenience that whenever you want something, simply raising your hand will get a service crew’s attention.

Calle Z

Located along Independencia Street, Calle Z serves home-cooked delicious meals. Customers who’ve been to Calle Z describe their experience as great; although some people do worry about how Calle Z service crew never writes down orders–they only rely on their memory. Some people new to Calle Z may find this troubling, in fear of getting their orders mixed up or a getting dishes missed out. So far we haven’t heard of any complaints. Having good music, good food, with cool, relaxing, simple ambiance along with excellent service, Calle Z certainly earns its reputation as a go-to restaurant in the city.


Located at the rooftop of hotel XYZ along Zamora Street, FYZZ is as fancy as the building. Although pricey, with a great view of the city from the downtown area, great music, and delicious food, it’s certainly worth your money. Considering most people who eat there are from the middle and upper classes of society, FYZZ tries to follow specific rules set to provide their diners with a great dining experience. However this is not always followed. Based on experience, FYZZ does have a tendency to serve your table’s dishes one at a time. Most people do not like this. Because of this, some dishes are missed out or delayed. You would also see their service crew not paying attention to the diners, rather, talking among themselves. FYZZ is good in general, but the service just needs some tweaking.

Tia Tita’s Bulaloan

Technically, the place is located in the neighboring town of Palo, Leyte. But Tia Tita’s Bulaloan is worthy of recommendation for its delicious home-cooked meals. Tia Tita’s Bulaloan gives their diners the option to eat inside with air conditioning, or in a hut outside which is only a few meters away from the parking lot. The huts come with a bug zapper, so mosquitoes aren’t that big of an issue. Service wise, it seems that the service crew are assigned to specific tables and huts. Based on experience, the diners in the hut next to us were calling a waitress, but the waitress ignored the call and started calling one of the waiters who we assumed was assigned to that specific hut. The waitress started pointing to the hut as if telling the waiter to go and entertain the diners at the hut.  That minor concern aside, Tia Tita’s Bulaloan is worth trying out.

Not Just Desserts

Located along Zamora Street, Not Just Desserts is a great place to take your loved one on a date. Not Just Desserts serves delicious western food. The restaurant isn’t that big so you’re assured that you can always catch the attention of the service crew. Despite the name of their restaurant, their desserts are delicious!

Raj Burger

Craving for some burger? Raj Burger serves delicious burgers cooked using their original recipe at a very reasonable price. The place is located near Sto. Nino Church. Having just started over a year since this article was written, Raj Burger’s area is quite small–probably only fits approximately fifteen people. But people don’t only go to Raj because of its ambiance, but they’re there for the burgers! There is a possibility that Raj Burger will be packed when you go visit, so we recommend you take your order to go if that’s the case.


Do you agree with our list? Send us yours when you finally get the chance to tour around Tacloban City and try out the restaurants.