Cuatro Islas: The Four Scenic Islets of Leyte

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Cuatro Islas: The Four Scenic Islets of Leyte

Cuatro Islas or “Four Islands” is a group of islands situated in the municipalities of Inopacan and Hindang of the Leyte province. This group of islands is composed of Mahaba, Apid, and Digyo which belong to the administrative jurisdiction of the municipality of Inopacan, Leyte; while Himokilan belongs to the municipality of Hindang.

The islands are bringing a good count of tourists to the unspoiled beaches and its marine lives. They hold a great potential to become a recreational diving destination, as the marine ecosystems’ health improvements and proper infrastructure are established.

How To Get There

If you are from Manila or Cebu, you can take a direct flight to Tacloban City Airport. From Tacloban City, you have to ride a van which is bound for Maasin and just tell the driver to drop you off in near Inopacan Town Hall. From there you have to walk straight to the town’s baywalk. The travel time is approximately 3 hours. The fare is 170 pesos only.

If you are from Cebu and you’re on a tight budget, you can ride a ferry to Hilongos, Ormoc or Baybay City. Then you may ride a van bound for Maasin via the Baybay-Inopacan road.

From Inopacan proper, you have to get to the tourism office and register your trip.

Boat Fare and Fees

Pumpboat Fee

10 persons and Below (Day Tour) – Ρ2,000.00

 Overnight Stay          – Ρ2,500.00

11-22 persons (Day Tour)               – Ρ3,000.00

 Overnight Stay         – Ρ3,500.00

23 persons and up (Day Tour)     –  Ρ4,500.00

 Overnight Stay        – Ρ5,000.00

Entrance Fee 

Ρ50.00 per person


Open Cottages   – Ρ350.00

Closed Cottages – Ρ500.00

Tent Fee

P50.00 for the space rent. If you don’t have your own tent, you can ask your boatmen if they have a tent for rent.

What To Bring

  1. Food and drinks
  2. Utensils
  3. Fresh Water
  4. Garbage Bag
  5. First-aid kit
  6. Swimming Gear
  7. Gadgets
  8. Solar Lamps
  9. Tent
  10. Sunblock and Hygiene Kit