President Duterte graces 116th Balangiga Encounter Day


BALANGIGA, Eastern Samar — President Rodrigo Duterte arrived on September 28 in Balangiga, Eastern and graced the commemoration of the 116th Balangiga Encounter Day.

Upon arrival, President Duterte was given Foyer Honors by the military led by 8th Infantry Division Commander Major General Raul M. Farnacio. Thereafter, the President and Major General Farnacio proceeded towards the dais of the Balangiga Encounter Monument where the wreath-laying ceremony was held in honor of the valor of those who fought against the American soldiers in an assault on September 28, 1901.

President Duterte showed confidence, as he said in his speech that the Balangiga bells will be returned soonest as he paid homage to the Balangigan-ons who showed bravery, heroism, and fearlessness against the American soldiers.

 “I hope that Congress of America will give President Donald Trump prompt authority to return the bells,”

Duterte said.

According to a report, the government of the United States of America is now looking for ways to resolve the issues surrounding the appeal for the return of the said bells.

The event serves as a re-enactment of the bravery of our ancestors who bravely fought during the attack of the American soldiers, the Company C of the 9th United States (US) Infantry Regiment.

Last July 2017, in his State of the Nation Address (SONA), Duterte called on the US government to give back the Balangiga Bells. However, in his message in Balangiga, he told the locals to give the Americans enough time for it may take a longer process.