WATCH: A Romantic Wedding Proposal of Sgt. Esmael Alisbo Jr.


There is a video circulating on social media about a romantic wedding proposal in the Philippine Airforce Base.

The wedding proposal was done by Sgt. Esmael Alisbo Jr., to his girlfriend, Rica Fetros. She was blinded with what will happen in the field. She went to the Philippine Airforce Base to bid his boyfriend goodbye.

Sgt. Alisbo is about to be deployed in Marawi. Rica wasn’t expecting that something grand will happen in her visit. To her surprise, Sgt. Alisbo went on bended knees and popped the question.

Here is the full video by Jnasol Capture. The video was downloaded from the Facebook Page of Swan Lake Events.


What do you think about the wedding proposal? Share with us your thoughts about with your dream proposal!