Virtual Reality Box Experience



Virtual Reality Box is now available in the market. Out of curiosity, I decided to order one from an online store in the Philippines. With this new innovation, you can now experience activities that you might not do in reality. If you’re looking to buy one or simply curious of what it’s like to have one. Then this article is for you!

I bought my VR Box from Lazada, an online shop with office in the Philippines for only Php 299.00 (What a steal!). Comfort-wise, VR Box is ergonomically designed with its adjustable strap and easy to wear visor. There are also numerous small rubbers located within the phone case which prevents the phone from moving.virtual reality box

It’s weight is 0.8 kg only, so it is not that heavy to wear. It doesn’t feel hot even if you wear it for a long time. VR Box has a small notch for the nose. Luckily, I have a small nose. Using VR Box wasn’t exactly a zoomed experience. You have to adjust the lenses far from your eyes. You can also see the edges of your phone. Since we’re into the video/application that’s playing on the phone and not the phone itself, you’re less likely to notice the edges of the phone once VR Box starts working its magic.

There are many applications that are available in the app stores that will fit nicely with your VR Box. I’ve tried the VR Roller Coaster application,where it was like riding an actual moving roller coaster. I can feel the butterflies flying in my stomach specially when it was going down.  There is also an application where you’re standing on the edge of a  virtual cliff. It felt so real. I felt scared to take a step forward despite knowing I was standing in my own living room. You can also experience watching movies in a 1000″ screen at a distance of 3 metervrrollercoasters. It’s like going to the cinema!

Over all, the Virtual Reality Box goggles gave me an awesome virtual reality experience at a reasonable price. I experienced awesome things in the safety of my living. I’d definitely recommend you grab one of these!