VIRAL: Gorgeous Asian girl works as construction worker


A video posted by Youlike on Facebook of a gorgeous Asian girl has gone viral.

The video was about a girl who works in a construction site. This Asian girl proved that construction works aren’t just for men.

She mixes cement using a shovel, lifts a high stack of bricks, carries bags of cement, scrapes a ceramic tile clean, and carries other heavy objects.

Yes, you read it right! This girl is working on a construction site. In the video, you can see that the girl’s hard work seems to be easy for her.

There was a part in the video where she showed her bruises on her shoulder from carrying cement. This girl is incredible!


According to the comments on the video, the girl has no father anymore, so she’s working to support her family.

This girl only shows how strong she is not not only physically but also mentally. Just imagine the work in a construction site; the labor is really designed for men. That is why it is traditionally dominated by men.

If ever you want to achieve a summer body, you can try working on a construction site to get paid and get in shape. The original video post has already 10 million views, 24K reactions and likes, 10K shares, and 1,500 comments.

This girl is a proof that Asian girls are not just beautiful; they can also kick some ass.