Your USB Flash Drive and Ways to Use It


USB flash drives or USB sticks have been around for many years. Since its invention, we extensively use these small devices as secondary portable storages. Keeping important files and documents is easy as long as the drives don’t get lost. Yet this component has more up on its sleeves. There are still countless ways to use your flash drive. Read on to learn and make use of them.

1. Run portable software

Desktop applications are generally designed for personal computer use. However, with the rising demand of portability, software OEMs need to create a new piece of software. Nowadays, there are hundreds of portable apps that run through flash drives. Thanks to the USB sticks anyone can run a PDF editor without worrying of memory or performance issues.

2. Create a Windows Recovery Disk

Windows is popular for many dark issues. The likes of BSOD, upgrade problems and more create a spur upon users. Thus, Windows Recovery steps into the light. In any case of virus attacks and unsolvable OS concerns, the Windows tool can fix your computer in no time. USB flash drives, on the other hand, serve as the hardware assistant. Just configure your drive for WinRecovery and the dilemma is over.

3. For ReadyBoost experience

ReadyBoost or EMD is a Windows tool that speeds up slow HDDs. It uses secondary storage devices like USB sticks and SD cards to enhance hard disk access times for small random reads. Noticeable effects of ReadyBoost are when launching heavy-duty programs and tasks.

4. Lock/Unlock your computer

Believe it or not, flash drives can lock and unlock your computer. Certain programs such as Predator create a security feature out of the sticks. This concept is very useful to prevent unauthorized access and increase PC security. Also, USB drives allow encryption, providing double protection to the PC.

6. Fix computer problems

Though small in size and storage, USB pen drives can accommodate many tools and software that can repair computer issues. Ultimate BCD, AiO-SRT, PartedMagic and Hiren’s BCD are good examples of powerful PC repair tool kits. Just configure the drives to be bootable and set the boot sequence to the external device. As such, harness the potential of USB drives and tools.

7. Create bootable images for OS installation

One of the most popular uses of USB sticks is bootable OS installation. From Windows and Mac to Linux distros, most OSes is bootable inside these drives and install it in any configurable computer in no time. CDs and floppy disks are still used for this purpose but USB drives prove much more useful.

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