Sagmani: The Nutty Pleasure from Leyte


Two tastes in one delicacy. Yes, it’s sagmani. Try its mouthwatering appearance like moron and its bitesize flavour and texture like binagol!

Welcome to the fourth part of EV Learners’ 8 Native Foods of Eastern Visayas.

In this article, we’ll talk about the less known food from the S.M.B. (sagmani, moron, binagol). But, it doesn’t mean that little sagmani can’t conquer your tastebuds. As rich and delicious as its siblings, this Visayan snack will surely fill your tummy and food life.


While binagol is made from taro, the sagmani is cooked from either cassava, sweet potatoes, gabi or mixture of any. The traditional gata or coconut milk is the Visayan ambrosia that completes this dish. It is then added with sugar, coconut meat, and nuts which is one of the delicacy’s key ingredients. Hence, the term sagmani comes from mani, the Waray word for nuts or peanuts.


The sagmani is also wrapped in banana leaves for preservation and packaging. Since this delicacy is a bit uncommon in the region unlike the abundance of binagol and moron stalls, it is advisable to purchase them in kakanin stores. Tacloban City’s Zamora Street is filled with local vendors selling different kinds of native products, from pastillas to sagmani. Here, the goods are cheaper and can be bought at a very reasonable price.


Personally, I never tried sagmani before. I heard it from my local friends but they never had a taste test for me.

How about you? Have you tried this mouthwatering local food? Share and comment your experiences with EV Learners!

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