Pink Beach in Northern Samar

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The Philippines is truly gifted with outstanding places that can make your travel experience memorable, relaxing, and amazing. There are some places in the Philippines that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

We have virgin islands, pristine falls, caves, rock formations, and other tourists spots that can attract foreigners. One of which is the Sila Island in Northern Samar.

Sila Island is one of the seven islands that compose the island-municipality of San Vicente Northern Samar. These islands are the boast of white sand beaches, but Sila island has its own uniqueness. The sand in the island is pinkish.

pink beach

It is believed that the pink color of the sand came from the shattered remains of the dark red shells and skeletons of hermit crabs and the skeletons of corals, snails, and other sea shells in the seabed that were brought ashore by the waves.

The island is surrounded by sparkling water that is sometimes turquoise sometimes emerald green in color. There are also coconut trees that can add up to the relaxing ambiance of the beach.

According to the provincial tourism officer of Northern Samar, Josette G. Doctor, “Snorkeling, diving and swimming are some of the activities there, (but) only day picnics as of the moment for lack of tourist facilities.”

She also said that the visitors can do camping on Pink Beach, but you have to bring your own camping gears like tents and lamps.

“For personal hygiene, since it’s an island barangay, some locals may allow the use of their toilet facilities,” Doctor said.

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How to get there

Well, according to the tourism office of Northern Samar, there is a daily motorboat trip to the town of San Vicente from San Isidro which is the last town of Northern Samar in the west of the mainland.

“There is a daily commuter trip to San Vicente’s main island, Destacado, that leaves at 2 pm. from San Isidro…travel time is 2 hours,” Doctor said.  She added that same boat’s early trip to San Isidro leaves Destacado at 7 am. One-way fare for a regular trip to San Vicente is P100 per person only.

You can also have special trips.

“Tourists can also have a special motorboat trip from Destacado to Sila Island, where the Pink Beach is located. It takes about 30 minutes to one hour to reach the Pink Beach,” Doctor said.

She said that there are special trips available for tourists who want to go directly to the Pink Beach either from San Isidro or from the next town of Victoria; it is about 6 km away from the town of San Isidro.

Fare ranges from P7,000 to P9,000 per group.

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