PHIVOLCS warns Eastern Visayas on “The Big One”

TACLOBAN CITY — The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) is alarmed for the possible happening of a quake or movement of the Philippine trench in Region 8. The movement is viewed to cause a tsunami in the provinces facing the Pacific Ocean such as Leyte, Southern Leyte, and Eastern Samar.

According to PHIVOLCS Director Renato Solidum, they have already disseminated information in the region even before the Super Typhoon Yolanda hit us. It was said in the information that if the movement of the trench reaches magnitude 7, a tsunami is expected to occur thereafter.

Solidum added that this could be considered also as “The Big One” because the strength can be as strong as with the big one in Manila.

 Based on the data of PHIVOLCS, the last movement of the Philippine Trench in the region was recorded a long time ago. Solidum said that this information is not to scare the people, but to warn them and to help them prepare.

According to the agency, if the quake will start at the Philippine trench in Northern Samar part, it might reach magnitude 7.9 and the tsunami height in Eastern Samar will be 9 meters, that is equivalent to a three-story building; then in Leyte it will be 4-5 meters.

If it starts in the middle of Dinagat and Samar, the expected tsunami height in Leyte will be 4-7 meters, and in Northern Samar is at 8-9 meters.

PHIVOLCS reminded the people to be always ready.