Misspelled ASEAN welcome tarps taken down from public view

erroneous Philippines spelling

The Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) ordered to take down all the tarpaulins and billboards with misspelled “Philippines” that can be seen in Roxas Boulevard.

The picture of the tarpaulin went viral in the social media. The content of the tarpaulin is “Welcome to the Philppines! ASEAN Delegates.” The word PHILIPPINES in the tarpaulin missed an “I” in between L and P.

In a press conference last Friday, the PCOO Assistant Secretary Kristian Ablan said that the design for tarpaulins for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit was not approved by the National Coordinating Committee.

“The exact tarps and billboards seen in the areas leading to the MOA (SM Mall of Asia) Complex did not conform [with] the approved final artwork. We are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the distribution and display of the subject tarps and billboards,”

Ablan said.

“We have directed the immediate removal of the subject tarps or billboards,” 

Ablan Added.

According to Ablan, the Department of Interior and Local Government-National Capital Region admitted that they were the ones who posted the erroneous tarpaulin.

It was taken down and was replaced with the correct spelling of the PHILIPPINES.