A Millenial’s Guide To Landing First Job

Landing their first job can be very challenging for millenial graduates who aspire to become the person they envisioned to be four years prior. Known for being ambitious, confident, and achievement-oriented, millenials may find it hard sometimes to look for a job which fits their outgoing personality and which gives them space for seeking new challenges at work. That’s why going for an interview must be prepared for.


In this article, we are going to guide you through your very first job interview. We are going to show you the reality or what transpires during the interview, and how to actually manage answering the questions of the interviewer. So just hang in there.

How to prepare for your job interview

Before you prepare for the interview, one thing you have to ask yourself is, “What job do I really want?” Is it a high-paying job, or one that will keep your passion burning? Is it a job that conforms to your ideals and theories about workforce? It’s all up to you. Start from there, then determine which companies you want to apply to. Search the internet. Google those companies. Come up with a list of prospects, then submit your application.



Research about the company. Before going to your interview, you must be sure about the company profile, what industry it is focused on, its business reputation, its management–almost everything, except confidential matters. Research is very important since it is through it that you somehow become part of the company itself since you already have an idea of its working environment and operations. It is also through research that you can be able to confirm within yourself whether you really want to try the job.

Position’s Requirements or Qualifications

Nowadays, it’s hard to land a job where there are requirements that only professionals with work experience have an advantage. Yet there are also companies who opt to hire fresh or millenial graduates who they see as more creative, idealistic, and firm believers of their capabilities. When the position you’re applying for has qualifications, don’t lose hope. Still apply for the job. You never know what comes before you, so just try. As the saying goes, “There’s no harm in trying.” Just give it a shot. That’s if you’re really interested about the job.

The Pay Range

Very seldom do the interviewers ask your preferred rates. But better come prepared. You may search online for analogous cases or positions to the job you re applying for. Bargaining might be good for someone who has superb credentials, but just let the company offer the rate first before you react or say something about the pay range.

Practicing Your Interview Answers

The hardest part in looking for a job is the interview itself. It is where you start feeling uncomfortable, anxious, or worst, speechless. Because you are nervous, instead of confidently answering the questions of the interviewer, you tend to stutter or make unnecessary gestures. So to avoid this from happening, you must practice your interview answers. Write down a list of all the possible questions and practice your answers. One of the hardest questions is “Tell me about yourself,” since you don’t really know what to say. Just a piece of advice: just give a brief background of your college degree and the seminars or trainings you’ve attended and your Honors, if you have. You don’t need to tell the interview panel about how you lost your wallet on your way to the interview. You don’t want wasting the time of these people.

Also, we just want you to prepare, so memorizing your responses is not a must. Bullet points or highlights may be useful.

The Interview Proper

Now that we’ve given you a few things to be done before the interview, let’s talk about the interview itself. Below are few suggestions you may wanna do so you’ll have a comfortable atmosphere during the interview:

  1. Breath in, breath out. Correct breathing is helpful especially during panic attacks. It calms your nerves so you may be able to think clearly.
  2. Right mindset. Your mindset must always be positive. Don’t ever think that you won’t make it ’cause it will just make your situation worse. Just go with the flow with a positive outlook. Never show the interviewer that you’re unsure of your answers.
  3. Show your passion. As a passion-oriented person, we know that this won’t be hard for you. Just show your interest to do the job and everything you say will just come out naturally.

So there, nail that interview and land your first job! Good luck!



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