Kandiwata Rock Formation, Kalabato Hot Spring: New Attractions in EV

New attractions in Eastern Visayas have been making rounds on the Internet, especially on Facebook. Just recently, people have been sharing pictures of their unforgettable experiences in the newly discovered places that are perfect for spending weekends and holidays.

Two of these new attractions are the Kalabato Hot Spring in Lapaz, Leyte and the Kandiwata Rock Formation in Daram, Samar.

Kandiwata Rock Formation


Officially, the Municipality of Daram is a 3rd class municipality in the province of Samar, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 42,879 people. This municipality prides of a new attraction called the Kandiwata Rock Formation, or Kandiwata, as the locals call it. Its very beautiful rock island right outside the neighboring barangays of Pulangbato, Mayabay, Malara,Manduyucan and Burabod in the same municipality.

It is also branded as Palawan in Samar by others who already visited the place. If you’re a self-proclaimed travel junkie, you wouldn’t wanna miss visiting the Kandiwata Rock Formation. It has been discovered just recently and travelers from all around the region have flocked the place since then. The view of the rock formation is actually quite similar as that of El Nido Palawan which is famous for its beaches and rock formations.

How To Get To Kandiwata

If you`re from Tacloban, you can choose either the Babatngon or Villareal Samar route.

Babatngon Leyte

Pump Boat Rent: 5,000php
Travel Time: 2hrs to 2hrs and 30 mins
Tacloban to Babatngon (by land): 1hr to 2hrs
Fair: 30-50php

Villareal Samar

Pump Boat Rent: 1,500php to 2,000php
Travel Time: 2hrs to 2hrs and 30 mins
Tacloban to Villareal (by land): 1hr and 30mins to 2hrs

The Environmental Fee/Entrance Fee is 10php, while the kayak boat is 75Php/hr. If you opt to get a life vest, the rent is 25Php/hr. There are also no cottages in Kandiwata so eating at your boat would be a nice experience.


Kalabato Hot Springs Park 


Just an hour and a half drive from Tacloban City, you will reach the municipality of Lapaz, Leyte. La Paz, officially the Municipality of La Paz, is a 5th class municipality in the province of Leyte, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 19,998 people.  Lapaz is a small town, so no one would probably expect to discover a tourist attraction in the place. Kalabato Hot spring is located in Brgy. Bocawon, the last barangay of Lapaz, Leyte. Kalabato Park and its hot spring baths, waterfalls and pools, lies in a remote forest connected to La Paz & Mahagnao National Park.

The water in the spring is actually really hot that you could boil an egg there. But it’s also relaxing; it’s like taking a bath in a jacuzzi or spending the night in a sauna. There’s also a part of the Kalabato Park where the river water runs so you can also dip there if you want the cold water rather then the spring.


How To Get to Kalabato 

Tacloban to La Paz: 60Php

Travel time: 1 hr and 30 mins.

Habal habal from Town center to Brgy. Bocawon (Kalabato entrance): 50Php

Walk from entrance to the spring for about 20 minutes


There you have it! If you haven’t tried these new attractions in EV yet, we suggest that you should soon!