Job Hunting Starter Pack


It really makes sense to be always ready for a job hunt. It might not be today but you might decide to change your current job and search for a new one. Or your employer suddenly decided to kick you out of the company.

You cannot tell what you may encounter in your everyday life; you might see a job post in your dream company and the posting is urgent. When will you be ready with your weapons? When you are already in front of a war?

You should always be ready for everything you needed for a job search. Here are some things you should prepare to make sure that you are ready to be employed.

Job Hunting Starter Pack

Updated Resume


Make sure that your resume is always updated to include all your recent working experiences, achievements, and trainings attended. This is also to avoid delays once you have decided to turn on your job search mode. You can also search how to create a competitive resume to have an edge over your rivals in the future position that you wish to apply.

Create an Online Portfolio

online portfolio

Nowadays, employers are interested in checking work samples from professionals across the board. You should have samples of your best works in your online portfolio. You can have an instant online portfolio in LinkedIn. Creating online portfolio can help you increase your visibility to prospective employers. With this, you can assess your skills and professional growth.

Make an Impressive Cover Letter

cover letter

Having an impressive cover letter can draw attention to your resume. In your cover letter, you have to introduce yourself, you have to show how interested you are to become a part of the company or to a specific vacancy. It will also give motivation to the reader to have an interview with you. Your cover letter must be neat, concise, and well-written to lure the employer to read your resume with interest, and it will surely increase the chance of getting an interview.

Build your Network

career network

Since you never know when you will need your career network, it is nice to have an active career network. Career networking or also known as the “professional” networking includes using personal, professional, academic, or familial contacts to help you with your job search, or even gather more information about what field you are in to. It can be a good way to get ‘in’ in a certain company you’d like to work with.

Professional Development Plan

professional development plan

Choosing a career takes time. It requires lots of effort and planning. A professional development plan is a summary of your aspirations, objectives, and ambitions in your life. This can be extremely useful in helping you clarify your career goals and brighten your focus. It is designed to shape out your interests, skills, and values.