IT Events This Week: IRC, E3, London Tech Week and more

tech events june 10-16 2019

As the computing world evolves and advances, so does the everyone around it. As users, consumers, and customers, we need to have constant updates on the whereabouts of today’s technologies.

That is why here are the must-know IT events that will be taking place in different parts of the world this month of June. As such, everyone will surely be hooked up into this whether it’s about web development, gaming, sales management, or digital innovations.

Global Events

Cisco Live, June 9-13

It is currently held at San Diego, USA. The conference offers trainings and relevant education on the latest trends and products from Cisco.

London Tech Week, June 10-16

This event will occur in the city of London, UK. It features crowd-sourced locations around the city area showcasing the best of technology and trends as an innovation hub in Europe. LTW’s flagship event of 2019 is TechXLR8 along with other summits like LeadersIn Tech and Blockhain for Business.

Liveworx 19, June 11-13

“The Definitive Event for Digital Transformation” will be held at Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Their theme focuses on workforce augmentation. Moreover, its objective targets the capabilities of emerging technologies while improving human abilities in the digital workplace.

International React Conference, June 11

This is a one-day event taking place at Tel Aviv, Israel. The conference aims to target beginners and professional developers of the React environment.

Xactly Unleashed, June 11-13

This Sales Performance Management (SPM) summit at San Francisco, California, USA will aim for the highest performance from businesses and organizations. In addition, it focuses on improving sales performance thru technologies, trends, and new strategies.

E3, June 11-13

Calling all video game fans! E3 is the biggest entertainment expo worldwide! Its venue is at Los Angeles Convention Center, USA. The industry’s top companies like ActiVision, Ubisoft, Warner Bros, joins the event bringing high-end, most advanced innovations in gaming.

Big Data and AI Toronto Conferences, June 12-13

This is Canada’s number 1 Data and Analytics conference. Taking place at Toronto on the above date, it will bring some new and innovative ideas to data and analytics for businesses and individuals.

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