Girl cement lifter in China shares astounding story

carrying cement

A girl from China is working hard for her education and family. She is working as a cement lifter to support her family and to finance her educational needs.

This story is extraordinary because this job is predominantly dominated by men. Nowadays, there are girls who are willing to experience work for men or something that requires extra physical effort just to have something to brag on social media. But this girl is not just doing this to brag, but to sustain her family’s everyday needs.

washing her face

Her mother was over 40 years old when she gave birth to her. Now that she is already grown up, her parents are incapacitated and unable to do work to support her needs.

This young and beautiful girl decided to work in a cement factory to ease the burden of her family. Her salary from her work is for her tuition fees and for her family’s everyday needs.

crying girl 1

Behind this strong and beautiful face is a soft-hearted woman who loves her family and is devoted to her studies. Sometimes when she feels like she is really having a hard time to combat her misfortune, tears are running down her eyes. Traces of her tears can be seen, leaving a mark on her dusty face.

We hope and pray that she can enhance her life in the future.

beautiful girl


Source: GoodTimes