FDA temporarily bans pork meat products from ASF-affected countries

Temporary ban on importation, distribution, and sale of processed pork meat products from African Swine Fever-affected countries was ordered by the Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday, May 28, 2019. Eric Domingo, the officer-in-charge of the said government agency, said the items ordered to be pulled out  from supermarkets and grocery stores will be immediately recalled and seized.

Domingo said that the order was made as a step to ensure food security and to protect the livestock industry in the country.

Included in the products is the Ma Ling, which is a widely patronized pork meat product by Filipinos.


From 7 countries covered in September 2018, the recall order now covers 16 countries affected by the swine fever: namely, Ukraine, Russia, South Africa, Hungary, Moldova, Czech Republic, Zambia, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Cambodia, China, Mongolia, and Vietnam.

The FDA warned processed pork meat consumers to be vigilant and extra careful in their future purchases. They further urged dealers and distributors of the meat products to follow the directive.

Although the African Swine Fever does not have any direct impact on the health of humans, this is a rising concern to the hog industry which poses threat on our economy especially in the agriculture sector.