EV PDEA needs 100 agents to fight illegal drugs

pdea cover

TACLOBAN CITY — An official from the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) RFO8 informed, after a visit of President Duterte in the region, that their agency is in need of additional personnel to carry out  their mission which is to combat illegal drugs.

PDEA’s regional spokesperson, Rogelette Urgel, said that their current strength is not enough for them to execute the anti-drug operations across the region that is composed of six provinces and seven cities.

However, Urgel said that they welcome the order of President Duterte issued on October 10 this year, as it is a mandate of PDEA to address the procreation of the illegal drugs in the country.

“Of course we welcome this directive of the President. However, our campaign may be hampered due to lack of personnel,”

Urgel said.

“For us to cover the entire region, perhaps we need additional 100 agents,”

she added.

Currently, PDEA-8 has already about 100 personnel headed by Regional Director Edgar Jubay.

Urgel also stated that they will still be working closely with the Philippine National Police (PNP), which earlier played a significant role in the anti-drug campaign.

However, Urgel further shared that the Philippine National Police cannot perform any anti-drug operations without the consent or coordination with their agency.

Source: leytesamardailynews