How to Create Magma Text Effect in Photoshop

final output

Magma Text Effect

In this tutorial, you will acquire information on how to create a magma text effect using Adobe Photoshop. With the use of layer styles and textures, you will get a hot fiery text effect with a molten rock in just few easy steps.

1. Add background

Add a new layer wherein you will use it as your background image. (I created a background using a concrete cement style brush.) Note: If you don’t have the concrete style brush, you can use a different background or you can download new brushes on the Internet.

add background

2. Add text

To add a text in the canvas, you have to choose the text style tool. After clicking the tool, you can choose a font style for your text. In this tutorial, I am using The Frontman Regular, but you can use whatever font you desire.

add text

3. Add electric texture

Just copy the electric texture to the canvas. Make sure that the electric texture is on the top of the Magma Text Layer. Right click on the electric texture layer and then choose Create Clipping Mask.


add electric texture

4. Add a new fill or adjustment layer 

Add a new fill or adjustment layer on top of the electric texture and create a clipping mask. You have to select levels and adjust it to have the desired glow.

add layer adjustment

5. Add color to the texture

You can add color to the texture using gradient map.  It is also found in the adjustment layer.

add gradient map

6. Add layer styles

To add a glow to your text and make it more realistic, you have to add a layer style to the text layer. Right click on the text layer and then choose a blending option. You can add styles to your text layers such as Inner Glow and stroke if you think it is necessary.

add layer style

7. Final output