OBE ’19: What to Expect this Opening of Classes

Oplan Balik Eskwela (OBE) 2019- Another school year awaits the Department of Education (DepEd) and its stakeholders. After the week-long Brigada Eskwela last May 20-24, the government is currently gearing for the opening of classes next Monday, June 3, 2019. The OBE or Oplan Balik Eskwela is an annual activity following the Brigada Eskwela, organized by […]

A Millenial’s Guide To Landing First Job

Landing their first job can be very challenging for millenial graduates who aspire to become the person they envisioned to be four years prior. Known for being ambitious, confident, and achievement-oriented, millenials may find it hard sometimes to look for a job which fits their outgoing personality and which gives them space for seeking new […]

Mayo na, Tara Pamatron Kita!

May is considered the month of fiestas in Region 8, specifically in Leyte. The fiesta, while not a uniquely Filipino tradition, is one of the main cultural and religious events in the province. The word fiesta  was borrowed from the Spanish fiesta, which means feast in English. The celebration is one of the major influences […]

Did You Know – First Philippine National Elections

Did you know that the first national elections in the Philippines was held on September 16, 1935? This was the fourth election since the enactment of the Tydings–McDuffie Act, a law that paved the way for a transitory government, as well as the first nationwide at-large election ever held in the Philippines. The two leading Nationalist […]

Eleksyon 2019 Senatoriables: Sino-sino ang karapat-dapat?

Nakapili o may napupusuan ka na ba sa mga Senatorial candidates para sa gaganapin na Eleksyon 2019  ngayong Lunes, Mayo 13? Kung wala pa, narito ang profile ng bawat kandidato. Suriing mabuti at iboto lamang ang mga karapat-dapat, kaibigan. Ang trabaho ng isang Senador ay hindi lang basta-basta. Sa kanila nakasalalay ang paggawa ng mga […]

7 Vexatious Filipino Attitudes We Should Dump

Ningas-Kugon Ningas Kugon is one of the Filipinos’ negative cultural trait which means just exerting extra effort at the start, but quickly losing eagerness in the long run. This is one of the reasons why some of the things we started is left half-baked or unfinished. Crab Mentality Crab mentality is associated with Crabs inside […]