How to Change the Language on your Computer

Having a hard time understanding the language of your computer? Worry no more! Here are some easy steps on how to change the language on your computer. Follow the steps below. First Step Right click on the windows ‘START’ button and choose ‘Control Panel’. Step Two After choosing Control Panel, a form will pop up. […]


Adobe Illustrator 5 Basic Tools for Newbies

Adobe Illustrator 5 Basic Tools for Newbies Learning a new software can be so hard if you don’t know which tool you must use for a certain action. New software applications nowadays have lots of tools for different functionalities. However, it doesn’t matter how many tools the software have; as long as you know how […]


Using Image Trace Tool in Adobe Illustrator CC

Image Trace Tool Adobe Illustrator is often used to convert pixelized artworks, like in Adobe Photoshop, into a clean vector line art. There are two ways to trace an image in Illustrator CC. First is you can just manually trace the image using a drawing tool, and the second one is you can use the […]

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How to View A Source Code

To view the source code in your browser, you have to follow the steps below. Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and the Internet Explorer have the same process in viewing the source code. First Step Open your chosen web browser. The process in viewing source code on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer and Firefox is the […]

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Tips to Avoid Toxic People In Your Life

Tips to Avoid Toxic People In Your Life Some people can be stressful sometimes. Avoiding them can be hard if you don’t know how to do it properly. They are everywhere; you may encounter some of them in school, work, and even in your family. Here are some ways you can do to avoid them […]


7 Tips to Make Yourself Sleep on Time

Sleep has a vital role in having a good health throughout your life. Having enough sleep at the right time can help protect your mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. Today, achieving enough sleep can be difficult. If you cannot sleep at a reasonable time, there are several things you can do that will […]

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San Juanico Bridge and its History

This 2.16 kilometer-long bridge connects the islands of Leyte and Samar. Formerly called the Marcos Bridge in honor of the late Pres.sident Ferdinand Marcos, the San Juanico Bridge is the longest bridge in the Philippines. It is also said to be a gift of the late president to his wife who was a resident of […]

The History of Tacloban City

Tacloban City was only a small fishing village and one of the barrios of Basey, Samar. It is formerly known as Kankabatok, named after the first settler Kabatok. Kankabatok means “Kabatok’s property.” The place was formerly under the political administration of Palo, but under the parochial jurisdiction of Basey, Samar. During this time, Kankabatok was […]


How to Choose a Travel Destination

If you want to travel, what’s the best way to choose a travel destination? Choosing a travel destination when you want something new in your life can be problematic. Anyhow, you have the chance to narrow down your choices to the places that can give you every reason to travel. You have to consider some factors that can […]


How to Create a Travel Budget

Traveling is one of the best ways to unwind and create new memories. But, traveling can be costly and you might have to save money ahead of time for your plans to come to fruition. Take into considerations your necessities and for your leisure. In this article, you will get an idea on how to create […]