Batang 90’s: Favorite Kiddie Snacks


Do you still remember the snacks that you used to enjoy in your childhood? Do you feel nostalgic when you see them nowadays? Luckily, some of them are still available in sari-sari stores. I have here some of the well-loved kiddie snacks way back our childhood days. These are my personal favorites! I also took into consideration the mark that it left in our childhood.

1. King’s Choc Nut Peanut Milk Chocolate




King’s Choc Nut Peanut Milk Chocolate, or Choc nut for short, has a unique taste incomparable with imported chocolate bars. It is made from a delectable combination of crushed peanuts, cocoa powder, milk, and sugar cane. The taste will take you back to your childhood years.  You can still buy these in some sari-sari stores in your neighborhood.

2. Haw Haw Milk Powder Candy


Haw Haw is a milky rectangular-shaped powder candy that melts in your mouth with the very good taste of milk. It also has a very adorable cow drawing on its wrapper. Haw Haw is considered a good alternative to a glass of milk. Gladly, it is still available in the stores.

3. Mik-Mik Sweetened Powder


“Mapapaubo ka sa Sarap.” This is the unforgettable slogan of Mik-Mik Milk Powder. It is a sweetened milk powder in a sachet, with matching straw to boot. Some pour it in a glass of water and mix it. The Mik-Mik Challenge is very popular in parties: It is a game where players must pour the powder into their mouth and the first one who says their name aloud will be declared the winner. Mik-Mik is still available in the market until today.

4. Annie’s Langka and Ube


Annie’s langka and ube are classic pinoy treats; the candies are like pastillas. Way back in my childhood days, langka and ube were in separate sachets, but today they are already packaged in one sachet. For every chew you make, you will be able to taste the two flavors, which is really cool! It is still available in many stores nationwide.

5. Regal’s Sweet Corn


Regal’s sweet corn is the only corn that I ate way back childhood days. It is easy to eat, and it is remarkable for its rich sweet corn flavor. Today, the packaging and the taste are still the same, only that there is lesser number of cornballs per pack. It is also still available in some sari-sari stores.