Aratiles and Its Health Benefits That You Probably Didn’t Know

Aratiles or mansanitas (in Leyte) or Kerson Fruit in English, has made the rounds on the internet recently because of a student scientist from Iloilo City who was believed to have discovered a potential anti-diabetic components in the said fruit.

Her name is Maria Isabel Layson. She won the National Science and Technology Fair and competed in Arizona, USA in February in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Her research found bioactive compounds like flavonoid, polyphenol, and anthocyanin in the mansanitas. These components may be a big help in curing diabetes.

aratiles 2

Layson’s research looked into the anti-diabetic component of the fruit locally known as sarisa.

Layson said her research found bioactive compounds like anthocyanin, flavonoid and polyphenol in the oft ignored fruit. These components may be useful as a cure for diabetes.

But do we also know that there are other benefits that we can get from the oft-ignored fruit aside from its anti-diabetic components.

1.Aratiles: Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

This fruit which has a tart cherry like flavour has anti-bacterial components, making it a good source of antibacterial agents. Though the body also has its own components which fight against bacteria, it also needs help or boosters to effectively avoid or fight bacteria.

The aratiles can also be a natural anti-inflammatory substance that helps in reducing swelling and inflammation of joints in the body. You can make a tea out of the fruit. It helps reduces the swelling and inflammation, and people who live in regions where this tree is prevalent use it for those purposes by consuming the tea.

2. Relief From Gout

Gout is most common in men and can harm joints, tendons and other tissues. Eating around 9 to 12 aratiles fruits in a day can give the person suffering from doubt a great relief. So consuming this every day would mean not suffering pain brought about by gout.

3. Lessens Uric Acid

The color of the Aratiles also has its purpose. Its deep red or purple-colored skin contains the antioxidant known as Anthrosyanin. This antioxidant is useful in lessening, or better yet, avoiding uric acid levels to rise.

4. Brain Function

The aratiles fruit must never be ignored. Because aside from its anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic health benefits, its actually useful also for the brain. This fruit contains a lot of flavonoids, which helps in the development and proper function of the brain. It is also helpful for people suffering cognitive impairment.

5. Anti-oxidant Properties

Antioxidants are substances that may protect your cells against the effects of free radicals — molecules produced when your body breaks down food or is exposed to tobacco smoke and radiation. And the Aratiles is full of them — 24 different flavonoids and phenolic compounds to be exact.

6. Reduces Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is essential to life because it forces the blood around the body, delivering all the nutrients it needs. Further, high blood pressure nowadays is caused by smoking, taking in too much salt or fat. This can be very dangerous since it may cause sudden heart attacks and strokes. But when you make a tea out of the aratiles fruit, you will be getting a large amount of nitric oxide, a natural chemical which relaxes the blood vessels so that blood can flow more smoothly in the body, hence reducing the pressure.

7. Aratiles as  Pain Blocker

The aratiles tea is also good in blocking pain receptors and relieving pain. That’s actually wow! The components of the tea block those messages of the pain stimuli from being sent. So for those who don’t wanna feel the pain from a heartbreak, just drink a cup of aratiles tea. (Haha and move on after.)

8. Potential Anti-cancer

From the fruits to its leaves, the Aratiles fruit is really  a promising one. Research shows that the leaves of the aratiles tree have properties that act to reduce and prevent cancerous tumor growth. But more research is still needed to confirm its anti-cancer potential. However, when it’s finally confirmed that it can be prevent cancer, it’s not surprising anymore since this fruit has been available way back in the ancient times and has been regularly used by those countries with a vast amount of this fruit.

There are actually many health benefits which we can get from this oft-ignored fruit. So the next time that you see an aratiles tree, don’t hesitate to try this promising fruit. But a friendly reminder: Ask the owner of the tree first before you start munching the fruit! 🙂



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