Adobe Illustrator 5 Basic Tools for Newbies


Adobe Illustrator 5 Basic Tools for Newbies

Learning a new software can be so hard if you don’t know which tool you must use for a certain action. New software applications nowadays have lots of tools for different functionalities. However, it doesn’t matter how many tools the software have; as long as you know how to use the tool, you will no longer be overwhelmed and you will know where to begin.

Here are some tips and tools that a newbie should know:


If you need a guide for measurements of objects, Ruler is the best tool to use. By default, Ruler is hidden, so you have to go to View → Rulers → Show Rulers or you can simply press Ctrl + R. Once you turn it on, you can easily use it in setting up boundaries or reference points. You only have to click and drag on the top or left ruler bar then position it wherever you want it to be on your art board.


Pen Tool

Pen Tool can be hard for beginners. You have to be patient when using this tool. It will really take you some time to tame the tool, but if you already mastered it, you can do anything in Adobe Illustrator.


pen tool

Align Panel

If you want to align an object in your art board or distribute multiple shapes at a specific distance, Align Panel is the best tool to use. It is easy and fast. By default, some of the options in the panel are hidden, so you have to click on the small icon on the upper right corner of the panel then choose Show Options to show all the options.

If you already have the options, you will see a function which is called Distribute Spacing. This function will allow you to position your shapes accurately.


Pathfinder Panel

Pathfinder Panel is often times used for different Shape Modes. This will allow you to create new shapes by manipulating the paths of two or more objects.


You can use four Shape Modes to create new figures. But you have to figure out if what will be the best mode that will suit your desired figure.

pathfinder results

Layer Panel

Layer Panel will give you the power to easily identify and adjust the different sections of your artwork. It allows you to create a detailed composition using a logical structure. You can hide, lock, reposition, and rename each layer to your desired position in the logical structure. This will help you in organizing the elements of your design.

layer panel