8 Cool Summer Destinations in Eastern Visayas

Summer Destinations in Eastern Visayas

Summer is still here. Whether you are starting to plan for your next summer destinations or thinking of getting refreshed on weekends or day-offs, we’ve got you covered!

Eastern Visayas sports the best of natural wonders in the country and in the world, even. Stunning white beaches, aquamarine waters, calm and rushing waterfalls, and cave systems will surely fill your Instagram gallery. Check out 8 of the most visited and reviewed vacay destinations in the region. Tara, pangarigo na kita!


Higatangan Islandhigatangan-island

This island is located off the coast of the municipality of Naval. It boasts of its “Shifting Sandbar”. The phenomenon can be witnessed during high and low tide seasons. The white sands, turquoise waters, breathtaking rock formations and the Mabini Lighthouse invite more tourists and locals to the barangay.

Places to Stay: Higatangan Island Beach Resort, Hagdan Beach Resort, Emponet Beach Resort, Limpiado White Beach Resort

How to Get There: From Tacloban/Cebu or any town/city in region 8, take a ride bound for Naval, Biliran. From the town proper, take a ferry ride bound for Higatangan–either public or private trips. During special events like the Higatangan Summerfest, traveling to this island comes with great discounts and can be budget-friendly.

Sambawan Islandsambawan-island

One of the must-see places in the province, Sambawan enchants its visitors in diving to its scenic views and nature. Located off the west shore of Maripipi, Biliran, the island possesses curvy beaches, blue waters, and the iconic Sambawan mountaintop. You can also do cliff jumping, scuba diving, kayak rides or just trek the whole island. Like Higatangan, each trip to any of Biliran’s islands gives an experience unlike before.

Places to Stay: Maripipi has a number of beach resorts for everyone to lodge like the nearby Candol Beach Resort or Viga Springs.

How to Get There: Just like Higatangan, going to Naval first is the best option whether from Manila, Tacloban or any town/city. Rent or take a public boat bound for Maripipi Island. Upon arriving, hire a habal-habal to take you to Brgy. Ol-og. There, take a motorized banca that will take you to Sambawan Island.


Kalanggaman Islandkalanggaman-island

An island strip in the municipality of Palompon, Leyte is quite spreading in the Internet. Kalanggaman is now one of the most popular summer destinations in Leyte. Paddling and kayaking are pretty prominent. The island is still new to the tourist list so daily needs like drinking water, electricity, and food are not yet abundant. But bringing them is a better idea. Kalanggaman took its name from Langgam, which means bird in Bisaya. Its white sand bar amazes every tourist, so despite the scorching heat of the sun picture-taking is still irresistible.

Places to Stay: The Kalanggaman Island Resort can provide pleasant accommodations. Camping and overnights are allowed with fees, of course.

How to Get There: Take a trip to Ormoc or Tacloban City. Ride a bus or van bound for Palompon, Leyte. From there, manage to hire a boat travelling to Kalanggaman Island.

Cuatro Islas

It's one of them, though
It’s one of them, though

Composed of four islands, this Leyte gem is worthy of your island hopping experience! The islands of Digyo, Mahaba, Apid and Himokilan are located off the towns of Inopacan and Hindang. Since there are many places to tour and discover in Cuatro Islas, travel junkies and budget-conscious travelers can save money if they travel in packs.  The most visited of the four islands is the Digyo Island which is the last stop in the island tour. The island also boasts its white sand bar and clear waters perfect for basking under the sun.

Places to Stay: The nearby town of Hilongos/Inopacan and Baybay City can give accommodations. Camping or overnight in Digyo and Mahaba islands are also good options.

How to Get There: From Ormoc, take a van bound for Inopacan. From Tacloban, you can ride a van travelling to Maasin City and stop over at Inopacan. At the town proper, hire a boat bound for the Cuatro Islas.

Limasawa Islandlimasawa-island

Limasawa island is popular for its historical nature, but it is also one of the best places to visit in Southern Leyte. The island-municipality boasts a lagoon where visitors can experience inland swimming. Aside from the water adventures, you can also take a tour around the historical sites in Limasawa like an ancient lighthouse and the site of the First Mass. Amazing! One thing you must try in the island is snorkeling in the fish sanctuary. Our eyes deserve to see the beautiful sea creations of God. So try that out too!

Places to Stay: Beach resorts are available like the Island Lagoon, Dak Dak, and Evashore Resort.

How to Get There: Limasawa’s entrance point is the Padre Burgos Port. From Ormoc or Tacloban City, take a van bound for Maasin City. From there, ride a ferry travelling to Limasawa.


Lulugayan Fallslulugayan-falls

Tired of beaches and islands, Samar has something up its sleeves. Being a mountainous province, Samar is blessed with abundant waterfalls. One of them is Calbiga’s Lulugayan Falls. The cascades are amazing and travelling there will be a worthwhile experience. Take this one if freshwater adventure is your favorite! Picnics around the waters and boat riding are nice to try. Just be careful of the rushing waters during heavy rains or strong currents.

Places to Stay: You can stay at any available lodging houses or tourist hotels in Calbiga or in Brgy. Literon.

How to Get There: From Ormoc or Tacloban, take a bus or van bound for Calbiga. From there, hire a habal-habal travelling to Brgy. Literon. Before, tourists still have to trek for about 20 to 30 minutes just to get to the foot of the falls. But now that roads have been built which directly lead there, tourists who are not trek fans won’t have to do this anymore.

Biri Islandbiri-island

The Northern Samar island of Biri is one of the most popular destinations in the region. Much more enchanting and beautiful than any that you’ve ever seen! The sights, rock formations, water patches, and almost everything are unique. It is part of the Balicuatro Group of Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Water or land adventures are everywhere in the island. Plus, connectivity and electricity are available so uploading your photos are on time!

Places to Stay: There are many places to stay like the Biri Resort and Dive Center, Villa Amor Hotel, Glenda’s Bed and Breakfast, Exequel and Wyn Lodging House, etc.

How to Get There: Take a flight or land bound trip to Catarman, Northern Samar. From there, hire a jeepney towards Lavezares. Rent a boat travelling to Biri town.

Sohoton National Parksohoton-cave

Last but not the least, the Sohoton National Park will give you a relaxing atmosphere from those tiring adventures. It is located in Basey, Samar and is full of natural landscapes. The underground caves, stone bridge, limestone rock formations, nearby forest, and waterfalls is an all-in summer vacay. You can take a cruise in Sohoton River, trek deep into the caves, and experience cultural ambience from the locals. A mere 840 hectares of natural wonder is no easy feat to venture, right?

Places to Stay: The Sohoton Visitor Center and Eco-Lodge is a great accommodation.

How to Get There:From Tacloban City, take a bus or van going to Basey. From there, travel towards Brgy. Wespal. Then, ride a habal-habal bound for the Sohoton National Park

So, are you feeling hyped for your upcoming trip? Check out online sites for accommodation and budget-friendly transportation fees. Visit the tourism agency of the respective LGU’s of each tourist destination to ensure your experience is fun, safe, and memorable. The Waray people are hospitable and friendly so don’t be afraid to approach them.

So go and pack up now! Have a great getaway!