6 FREE Online Tools to Create and Edit Documents

online tools to edit documents

Classes are back in the Philippines! Students, teachers and even those jobseekers and employers all utilize the creation of documents. From reports to manuals, assignments to note-taking tasks, a good word processing tool is a must. But, given that many of us don’t own a PC, Mac or laptop, editing docs can be very difficult.

Hence, we’ve come up with these ONLINE document editing tools that you can use for FREE. They can be accessed anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection like in computer cafes or public WiFis. Unlike Microsoft Word, you don’t need to install or download them. Just open your browser, enter their URL and voila!

In no particular order, let’s get editing!

Google Docs

A popular and most common productivity app in the G Suite, Docs or Google Docs is one of the best free online word processors. If you have a Google account, using this tool is a breeze. It incorporates well in auto-saving your docs in Drive. The features that can be used in Microsoft Word are present but very limited. Inserting images, tables, audios, shapes, etc. is a feature that stands out among others. Plus, you can input text with your voice! It supports PDF, DOCX, and many other formats. Free templates are available for personal and professional use. Also, you can upload documents as well as download them.

Check it out here: Google Docs

Microsoft Word Online

This online app is just the web version of their famous MS Word software, but with many features removed. Basically, it can also perform its task in editing your documents. Feature like insert, home, page layout, format are pretty accessible. Even the design is similar to the desktop version. Like others, it can also upload and download docs, shareable to anyone easily and has an auto-save feature. Plus, if you have a OneNote account, using Word Online is easy and very portable. It can also seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft products like Skype.

Check it out here: Microsoft Word Online

Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer is also one of the most efficient and free online word processors. It has all the basic and prominent functionalities like Word. Spell-check feature is good but not very powerful enough. It has lots of collaboration tools like built-in chat while editing your docs. Also, there is version control so you can recheck or find a backup made to your document. It supports uploading and downloading documents in formats like PDF and DOCX. Getting a Zoho account is pretty helpful as it saves time and storage. Plus, you can work offline with Zoho!

Check it out here: Zoho Writer

Thinkfree Office Online

Thinkfree Office Word Web is part of Thinkfree Office’s Online productivity apps. Regular word processing features are free to use and it can support more advanced functions like bookmarking, page preferences, etc. while being lightweight. It can be accessed on multiple devices like on Android or iOS devices. There are not many add-ons available or many free template choices but it gets the job well done.

Check it out here: Thinkfree Office Word Web


Basically, if you want to get the best features available online and still look like you’re working offline on PC, then ONLYOFFICE Personal is good to use. The Personal Edition is a free one so you can use them extensively. The Enterprise and Integrated Editions are priced and is suitable for business corporates and organizations. Nevertheless, collaboration with the team and revision controls are present in the app. It can also be accessed on multiple devices and requires a Google or Facebook account to officially register and utilize the software.

Check it out here: ONLYOFFICE Personal

Calmly Writer Online

The unique and minimalist UI of Calmly Writer may take back many users. It’s not as feature-rich as Zoho, Docs or Word, but it keeps the main goal of word processors: editing. The UI presents a blank page with a blinking cursor and a few buttons on the left panel. Simple yet clean. Also, it supports autosave allowing you to really focus on encoding. It allows uploading and saving of documents, print directly, and change web preferences like dark mode, text size, page layout and more.

Check it out here: Calmly Writer Online