redoña residence

The Story Behind Redoña Residence

The Story Behind Redoña Residence There are many historical buildings built years ago in the City of Tacloban, one of those is the Redoña Residence. Here is a brief history of the Redoña Residence or the Osmeña House.

Change Eye Color in an Image Using Photoshop

We will learn how to change eye color of an image using Photoshop in this tutorial. Actually, this is not just for the eye color, you can also use this for changing a color in an image. You can experiment what color you have to use and we will use the Hue/saturation adjustment layer to […]

Traditional Games of the Philippines

Filipino Traditional Games Before the rise of technology, children were playing traditional games as their past time. Slowly these games are fading with the rise of technology and the western culture. Here are some of the traditional Filipino games that kids play. Luksong Baka Jump over the cow in English terms- it is a variation of the […]

How To Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety: How to Overcome It Do you remember that night when you can’t fall asleep? Instead, you were thinking a lot of things that makes you feel anxious. Feeling like this from time to time is a normal part of life to experience. Anxiety can lead to a mental disorder that reduces your capacity to cope up with these […]

Make Stress Your Best friend

Make Stress Your Best friend Stress is an omnipresent or common part of life but feeling stressed out is not. A little bit of it can give excitement and encouragement that keep us active in our everyday life. But too much stress can give an adverse effect on health. We cannot escape the stressors but we […]