10 Things IT Teachers Can’t Work Without

10 things IT teacher’s can’t work without Teachers are the rocks on which professionals are built. They help provide society with professionals it needs. For them to impart their knowledge, they need the right tools and equipment to function properly. Here are 10 things they need.


5 Must Watch Filipino Historic Films

Must watch Filipino historic films A lot of Filipinos criticize the Philippine film industry for ripping off foreign films, showing mainly cliché romance-comedy flicks in an attempt to rake in the money from the Filipino’s addiction to “kilig”, and simply showing off good looks without much of a story behind it. Despite all that, the Philippine film industry did make […]


Stress and deadline prevention tips

How to avoid stress and missing deadlines Most of us have experienced this already. Being given deadlines, getting stressed the more the deadline approaches. And getting even more stressed when we miss the deadline. For some, deadlines are simply a suggested date of completion. This applies mostly to students. But for those who are actually working, deadlines are […]


Creating Logo Using Photoshop

 How to create a logo using Photoshop Here, we’re going to learn how to create a simple logo using Adobe Photoshop. For this tutorial, we’re going to be using the Starbucks logo for reference. Not that this tutorial expects that you’re already have some familiarity with using Adobe Photoshop.


The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer

The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer AMC’s original series The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer is here, and it is suspenseful. Last we saw the group, they ran into an unfortunate encounter with Neegan’s group that resulted into them kneeling before Neegan and getting one of them beat by a barbed bat to the death.


9/11 conspiracy theory post becomes science forum

9/11 Conspiracy theory post becomes science forum A facebook post by True Conspiracies turns into an entertaining physics, chemistry, and engineering discussion when people started to cherry-pick events on what the page believes is a conspiracy by the US government.


Filipino Super Heroes: Books vs TV Adaptation

FILIPINO SUPER HEROES IN COMICS VS. TV ADAPTATION Despite what some people think. The Philippines also has it’s own set of super heroes. Powerful beings protecting the world from harm. Here are some Filipino super heroes as portrayed in the comics and on TV.


History and local lore of Sohoton National Park

Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park The grandeur of Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park is now known worldwide for its majestic unique limestone formations. Sohoton comes from a waray-waray word “Sohot” meaning to pass through a narrow passageway. It was the name given to the cave because of the small alleys inside it.  The Park is 840-hectare wide and is situated in […]

Yolanda Memorial Monument, Sagkahan, Tacloban City

7 Places to Visit When in Tacloban City

7 Places to Visit When in Tacloban City Tacloban City was one of the cities and municipalities that were severely damaged by Super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) back in 2013. But despite the tragedy, the City was rebuilt with the help of non-government organisations, the international community and with the Philippine government. Tacloban City is rising again and ready […]