Virtual Reality Box Experience

Virtual Reality Box is now available in the market. Out of curiosity, I decided to order one from an online store in the Philippines. With this new innovation, you can now experience activities that you might not do in reality. If you’re looking to buy one or simply curious of what it’s like to have one. Then this article […]


Binary Arithmetic Tutorial

Binary is a number system in which there are only two values for each digit, the 0 and 1. Binary numbers or base 2 numbers is the only number system that is used by computers. Aside from computers, binary is also commonly used in electronic devices like mobile phones, remote controls, even calculators and simple electronics […]

suicide squad movie review

Suicide Squad honest movie review

Despite the movie reviews these big critics say, Suicide Squad wasn’t really all that bad. Suicide squad is a movie about 6 hardened criminals most of which are in jail because of the Batman. After the death of superman (Oops. Spoiler alert for Batman V Superman), the US government was afraid that the next superman would […]


Student guide to becoming a web developer

Gaining the necessary skills and experience to become a web developer doesn’t come over night. It takes months, even years of practice and learning to take on the role. Being a web developer means you need to be very flexible. Despite what you may think, web developers not only code but have to maintain servers, do […]