10 Things IT Teachers Can’t Work Without


10 things IT teacher’s can’t work without

Teachers are the rocks on which professionals are built. They help provide society with professionals it needs. For them to impart their knowledge, they need the right tools and equipment to function properly. Here are 10 things they need.



IT Teachers cannot work without a computers or laptop. Nowadays, written visual materials are not as appreciated by students most especially in the field of information technology. Teachers are using laptops or computers to create PowerPoint presentations or even a video presentation as their visual material. Computer laboratories must have computers to justify its name. And we all know that IT is more on hands-on subjects rather than theories, so it is required to have computers to be used by the teachers and the students.



Teachers prefer to use projectors if they have lessons that need to be projected most especially the IT teachers. Since IT teachers prefer to use the goodness of the technology by creating PowerPoint presentations as their visual material, they have to use a projector to have it presented to a wide screen to make it more visible to the students, and it is more appealing to the students rather than written visual materials.


This is the most important thing for IT teachers and even with those who are teaching other subjects. If the school has no electricity then probably the school has no IT teachers. What will be the use of technology if you don’t have electricity? As we all know, Almost all gadgets need to be charged so that it will continue serving us its purpose. In a school that is well-equipped with technology, it must have electricity for the devices to work properly. Without electricity, IT teachers will not be productive enough to make competitive students.
For example, in a Programming class, the teacher can’t just tell his students the codes verbally and then let them write it on a piece of paper because they cannot test whether the code is correct or incorrect.



This is used for saving their instructional materials like PowerPoint presentations, films, video presentations and programming codes. The teacher will not always bring his laptop or Computer unit to his computer laboratory, so they need a flashdrive to save copies of their files that are needed in class.



This is very vital for IT teachers and to almost all of us. The search engine that we are using needs internet to access their site. IT teachers need to be connected to the internet so that they are updated with what is happening to the latest technology and so that they can relay it to their students. IT subjects are almost changing every semester for the fact that technology is evolving fast. If there is no internet connection at school, teachers most especially the IT teachers, cannot perform their responsibility as mentors to the students cause they still don’t have any idea about the present technology.

Whiteboard and Whiteboard Marker

IT Subjects are held in computer laboratories, chalk is not allowed in a computer laboratory. They are using a whiteboard and the whiteboard marker to illustrate some lessons that need to be discussed manually.



Of course, if their is no student, then probably there will be no teacher. That is why to become a teacher, you must have students. IT teachers are good in logic that is why their is this answer to the 10 things that they must have to retain their work.

Class Record

As always, all teachers must have class records to have reports of the activities done by the students so that they have a reference to their grades at the end of the class. But nowadays, IT teachers prefer an electronic class record rather than the Class record book. They will just save it in their computer unit which is why they need a computer unit to work efficiently.

Computer Laboratory


Yeah, IT subjects are not just simply about lectures, it has laboratories to assess the students if they learned the lessons and for them to apply it on their own.

Air Conditioner

IT teachers can’t work without an air conditioner in the computer laboratories for the fact that the computer laboratory is a closed room that is surrounded by many computers. Computers generate heat that is why computer laboratories must be air conditioned.